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The Beatbox youth center pilot project ended in June 2003. With the exception of this messege, this website is as it was the day we closed.
Please check http://www.thebeatbox.org for information on current Beatbox projects.

Thanks for your support, we are currently working on replicating The Beatbox in other communities. Please contact rwells@thebeatbox.org if you are interested in being involved.

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Pilot Project 001 - The Beatbox - Operated by Fairfield Youth Advocacy, Inc

Fairfield Youth Advocacy

Mission Statement:
the Mission of Fairfield Youth Advocacy is to provide a safe, clean environment for youth to engage in creative activities and enhance their education through technology.

DBA - The Beatbox
116 N Court St.
PO Box 2065
Fairfield IA 52556
(641) 472-9784

Summary of The Beatbox

Launched in the spring of 2000, the Beatbox, the new local youth center opened by The Fairfield Youth Advocacy (FYA), offers an innovative approach to the recreational, educational, and social needs of teenage youth in Jefferson County. The Beatbox, provides a range of programs and vocational opportunities to local teens, six days a week, in a safe environment free from drugs, alcohol, smoking, and weapons.

Viewing itself as a preventive initiative, the youth center fills a gap in other state and local youth programs. Designed as a safe place for kids to gather, create, and develop skills in non-traditional arts, The Beatbox uses the approach of a mentor-rich environment. It serves the needs of local youth by creating a range of opportunities for cooperative learning experiences and thoughtful, caring communication with young adult mentors. This approach has already shown excellent results. The average daily attendance is 35, and many kids lives have been turned around in the first year, due to the influence of a positive environment and mentor interaction. The teens feel better about themselves and their contributions and many are making more positive lifestyle choices. The long-term effects could indicate a decrease in delinquency and substance abuse.

The project has met with broad-based community support from the mayor, the police chief, the juvenile justice officer, local businesses, and the school to work training program at the local public high school. All have worked collaboratively with the Beatbox staff to support and develop the program. The success of the program lies, in part, in the extraordinarily long hours worked by the volunteer staff each week.  They can be found day and night offering caring, guidance, knowledge, and support to our local youth

Recently, The Beatbox was awarded $300,000 from the Federal Education Dept. to create BTECH, a community technology center. BTECH will provide advanced computer training to youth in southeast Iowa. BTECH programs include: Basic PC Training, MCSE certification training, CISCO certification training, Basic Web Design, Digital Film Production and Career Skills.

The Beatbox is currently working on several projects, including a radio station, boxing gym, and recording studio which will compliment and further support the current offering of activities.

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