Welcome to The Beatbox archived website.

The Beatbox youth center pilot project ended in June 2003. With the exception of this messege, this website is as it was the day we closed.
Please check http://www.thebeatbox.org for information on current Beatbox projects.

Thanks for your support, we are currently working on replicating The Beatbox in other communities. Please contact rwells@thebeatbox.org if you are interested in being involved.

I'll be in this rap sh*t till my f*ckin heart stops! - rugged ra

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Friends and Supporters
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Friends and Supporters

Thank you for your support of The Beatbox! Without your help, our programs and activities for youth would not be possible. Please continue your commitment to positive youth development.

If you are interested in becoming a Beatbox supporter and investing in the future of youth, please follow this link.


Foundation and Government Allies

Arizona Community Foundation
City of Fairfield, IA
Fairfield Kiwanis Club
U.S. Department of Education
William Zimmerman Foundation


Corporate Friends

American Resources
Americus Diamond
Cambridge Investment Research
Danaher Oil
Dickey Transport
Dufford Drilling
Earth & Sea Gems
Everybody's Whole Foods
Fairfield Accounting Services
First National Bank
Global Conference Call
Good Earth Realty
Grand Slam Sports
Hawthorne Direct


Heartland Realty
Iowa Capital Management
Orange Financial Services
Radiance Dairy
Reader's Digest
Shadow, Inc.
Starr Asylum
Steve Martin Computing
Tarun, Inc.
Thaddeus Computing
Thai Flavors
Thymely Solutions
Wal Mart
Individual Supporters

We would like to specially thank all the individuals that have pledged support, volunteered their time, and invested in the future of youth. You truly are making a difference. Thank you.

Supporters Websites