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The Beatbox youth center pilot project ended in June 2003. With the exception of this messege, this website is as it was the day we closed.
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The first ever e-Beat, The Beatbox's Monthly News - Wednesday, April 02, 2003
The Beatbox's e-Beat
The Beatbox Monthly Newsletter
April 3, 2003
In this issue of e-Beat:
1. The Basic Beat
2. Beatbox Program Highlights -This month's e-Beat will introduce you to the BTECH community technology center programs and offerings
3. Featured Class-Technical CAD Drafting
4. Featured Events-Art Walk and the Gorge & Gobble Blowout Regale
5. Got Technology Needs? Take our technology needs assessment survey
6. Experience The Beatbox


Welcome to the first issue of e-Beat, a monthly electronic newsletter
designed to inform and update you on programs and events at The Beatbox.
When we started three years ago, it was a hip-hop influenced hangout
offering alternatives to youth. We are now a comprehensive center
offering programs from entrepreneurial education to advanced computer
training. For those of you that know us well, we hope you learn something
different from this communication, for those of you new to our programs,
we hope you become involved in The Beatbox and learn how we are training
today’s youth to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Read on and discover what The Beatbox has to offer you and the youth of
our community.

Julie and Roland, Co-Directors


1. The Basic Beat
The Beatbox provides youth ages 10-24 a supervised, safe, and open
atmosphere in the after school hours, on weekends, and during the summer.
Our goal is to meet the needs of youth in the twenty-first century and to
encourage arts, education, and positive recreational activities for the
youth in our community.
The Beatbox is open to the entire community with no membership or user
fees. We operate with five rules: Respect, No Smoking, No Alcohol, No
Drugs, and No Weapons.

2. Beatbox Programs…BTECH community technology center

The BTECH project is an innovative approach that addresses the needs of
youth and adults in the 21st century workplace. Graduates benefit from
enhanced digital skills and competitive technical capabilities as they
enter or prepare for the work force. BTECH offers the following courses
and resources to bridge the digital divide:

Basic Digital Film Production Workshop. http://btechvideo.thebeatbox.org

Basic Web Design Workshop. http://btechweb.thebeatbox.org

New Media Workshop. http://newmedia.thebeatbox.org

BTECH also offers a video editing studio, the Boiler Room audio recording
and editing studio, Microsoft Office and EasyPC Pro software, and an open
Internet lab available twelve hours a day, six days a week.


3. Featured Class…Technical CAD Drafting

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) teaches students the fundamental skills
required to construct and edit computer generated drawings using AutoCAD
software. Participants will learn 2D drafting and detailing and 3D design
aspects, often used in architectural and engineering illustrations.

BTECH and Indian Hills Community College are working together to offer
this and other continuing education courses. For more information or to
register for courses contact The Beatbox at 641.472.9784 or beatbox@lisco.com


4. Featured Events…Art Walk and the Gorge & Gobble Blowout Regale

On Friday, April 4, from 6:30-9 pm The Beatbox will showcase artwork from
Fairfield High School students as part of the First Fridays Artwalks. The
exhibit will include pieces completed in the Norwegian-inspired
rosemaling style and watercolors from FHS’s advanced art students.

Rounding out the Beatbox events on April 4 will be a competitive eating
invitational, the Gorge & Gobble Blowout Regale at 8 pm. This eating
extravaganza is a challenge for contestants and a guilty pleasure for the


5. Got Technology Needs?

We are conducting a community technology needs assessment because we want
to provide you with our experienced instructors and quality technology
equipment. We value your input and needs and hope to work together to
help bring your home and business up to speed with twenty-first century

Fax or mail us the completed survey and help us determine what technology
training you, your family, or your business needs!


6. Experience The Beatbox

Do you live in or near Fairfield, IA, but have never visited The Beatbox?
Do you want to see what goes on in our youth and community technology
center? Stop by and get a tour of our facility, programs, and services,
or use the open Internet lab.

We are open Mondays-Thursdays 11 am-11 pm, Fridays 11 am-2 am, and
Saturdays 1 pm-2 am. You can also check out The Beatbox on the web at:


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The e-Beat is distributed to friends and supporters of The Beatbox.
Please feel free to pass along the e-Beat to your friends and fellow
youth advocates!

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>>Contact Information

Send inquiries, comments, or suggestions to:

Fairfield Youth Advocacy
The Beatbox
PO Box 2065
116 N. Court St.
Fairfield, IA 52556

E-mail: beatbox@lisco.com
Phone: 641.472.9784
Fax: 240.208.7774


Thank you for your support and investment in the future of youth! The
goals of The Beatbox are achieved with every youth inspired to follow a
dream, every entrepreneur enriched economically, every person educated
through technology, and every individual empowered through social activity.

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